Brother Maynard with his brother, Brother Maynard's Brother.

Brother Maynard was a character in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, played by Eric Idle. He was an elderly priest and the keeper of the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. He joined King Arthur and his knights in their quest for the Holy Grail with his brother, and took the holy hand grenade with him.

When Tim the Enchanter led Arthur and the knights to the cave where the location of the grail is written onto the wall, the knights didn't manage to defeat the cave's vicious guardian, a killer rabbit, so they figured out that they could kill the rabbit with the holy hand grenade. Brother Maynard and his brother opened the chest in which the hand grenade was locked, and Maynard's brother read out the "terms of use" from the big book of weapons. After they killed the rabbit with the hand grenade, Arthur, Maynard and the knights entered the cave. As the script was written in aramaniach, wich only Maynard could read, the priest translated the script: who is pure of heart shall find the holy grail in the castle of Aaaa.. First, they thought that the script writer had died while carving, but then they remembered that there is a castle in France called Aaaa. However, suddenly the legendary Black Beast of Aaaaargghh appeared, attacked them, and before the priest could do anything, devoured Brother Maynard.