- Bring out your dead!
- the dead collector collecting bodies.

The dead collector was a character in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, portrayed by Eric Idle. He was a man collecting dead bodies with a cart in an illness-struck village. The dead collector shouted bring out your dead several times in the village, and collected the bodies. Suddenly, a bearded old man walked to him with a seemingly dead man on his shoulder, and told the collector to take him, too. However, the "dead man" declared that he isn't dead yet, so the collector didn't want to take him away. But the bearded man wanted the dying man to be taken away, so they argued with the dead collector for a long time, with the dying man declaring several times that he feels himself better, and that he is quite okay, until the collector finally agreed that the man will die, and he banged him on the head with a huge stick, killing him. The next moment King Arthur and his servant, Patsy went by, and the dead collector figured out that he must be a king because he wasn't as "covered by shit", as them.

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