Fish Licence - Monty Python's Flying Circus04:53

Fish Licence - Monty Python's Flying Circus

The Fish Licence is part one of a two-part segment of the popular British television series, Monty Python's Flying Circus, in it Eric Praline, played by John Cleese, takes on the role of the put-upon customer who, when seeking to obtain a licence for his pet "alibut" named Eric has difficulty explaining to the clerk (Michael Palin) how all pets should be licensed.

This is one of the three appearances by Eric Praline, along with the Dead Parrot sketch and a brief appearance as a link the 5th episode of the second series, "Live from the Grill-o-Mat".

Part two of this segment was the Eric the Half a Bee song.

Trivia Edit

  • OpenBSD's 3.5 release contained a parody track of both the Fish Licence skit and the Eric the Half a Bee song, titled Common Address Redundancy Protocol Licence and Redundancy Must Be Free.

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