"It's the Arts" is a sketch that appears in "Whither Canada?," the first episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Linkman David Mitzie (Michael Palin) introduces the programme and turns it over to an interviewer Tom (John Cleese), who is with film producer Sir Edward Ross (Graham Chapman). The interviewer asks if he is allowed to call him "Edward," then babbles about this question. When he eventually gets to another question, he calls him "Ted," then proceeds to do the same.

The interviewer then calls Ross "Eddie-baby," which offends Ross. However, the interviewer denies that he did this, and proceeds to call him "sweetie," "sugar plum," "pussycat," "angel-drawers," then eventually "Frank," which catches Ross by surprise, but then continues with silly named until Ross walks off-set, but comes back when Tom calls him Sir Edward.

Ross is asked about his latest film, but the interviewer interrupts him, telling him to "shut up."

The linkman then announces that later, Picasso would be painting a picture whilst riding a bicycle.

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