Italian lesson is a sketch that appears in "Whither Canada?," the first episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


The teacher (Terry Jones) asks his class if any of them know the Italian word for 'a spoon.' Several clearly-Italian students raise their hands with an answer. The teacher calls on Giuseppe (Michael Palin), who correctly states the answer as 'il cucchiaio.' The teacher congratulates Giuseppe, who thanks him in fluent Italian.

The teacher then instructs them how to introduce themselves in Italian. He then calls on Mariolini (John Cleese) to introduce himself as being from Napoli. Francesco (Eric Idle) then asks (in Italian) how to introduce himself as being from Milan, but the teacher does not understand. As the students translate this to English, the clearly-German Helmut (Graham Chapman) asks "Was is das wort fuer 'mittelschmerz?'" and he is directed to the German class.

Giuseppe then translates Francesco's question and the teacher answers, but then the students start arguing in Italian.