Man Turns Into Scotsman is a sketch that appears in "You're No Fun Anymore," the seventh episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


An inspector (Terry Jones) speaks to Mr Harold Potter's wife (Eric Idle) after he is turned into a Scotsman and finds that there was never any suspicion of him reasonably having this fate. The inspector himself then turns into a Scotsman, followed by a man at a bus stop (Graham Chapman), a policeman (John Cleese), a woman, her baby, a saxophone player, and a squad of soldiers.

A woman and Charles, a scientist (Graham Chapman) kiss and the former tells the latter that her father has turned into a Scotsman. Charles explains his theory on why people are turning into Scotsmen, blaming it on some person or persons unknown.

Many other people are turned into Scotsmen, overcrowding Scotland. England becomes near-completely deserted.

The woman tells Charles that her mother has been turned into a Scotsman and he states that he must find out who "they" are.

Mr Angus Podgorny (Michael Palin) of Scotland receives an order for 48,000,000 kilts from the planet Skyron in the Andromeda galaxy and considers the profit to be made from this, but explains to his wife (Terry Jones) that the order was not from a man, but from a blancmange.

A girl (Eric Idle) tells a policeman (John Cleese) about a blancmange she saw playing tennis by itself.

Podgorny reveals to his wife that the blancmange gave him an entry form for the British Open Tennis Championships at Wimbledon. A blancmange then enters and eats Mrs Podgorny.