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The "Marriage Guidance Counsellor" sketch is from the second Monty Python's Flying Circus episode, "Sex and Violence". It was also featured in the 1971 spinoff film And Now For Something Completely Different. It is notable as being one of Carol Cleveland's first appearances on Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Carol Cleveland as the stereotypical "blonde bombshell" in the Marriage Guidance Counsellor sketch.

It features Michael Palin and Carol Cleveland as a married couple (Arthur and Deirdre Pewtey) and Eric Idle as their marriage counsellor. The marriage guidance counsellor flirts with a receptive Mrs. Pewtey rather than give the couple advice whereas Mr. Pewtey fails miserably to react to this behaviour and stand up for himself. In the television version, a random person dressed as an American cowboy (played by John Cleese) convinces him he must "be a man," while in the film version, the voice of God convinces him. The television version of the sketch ends with Mr. Pewtey getting hit in the head with a chicken by a man in a suit of armour (rumoured that it was played by Terry Gilliam) In And Now For Something Completely Different, it ends with Mr. Pewtey getting a 16-ton weight dropped on his head.

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