"Monty Python's Flying Circus" was the first album of Monty Python.Released in 1970 by BBC Records. This was the re-recorded sketches that included on Monty Python's Flying Circus television series (with music that played form electronic organs and piano) and changed little details (for example, in Buying A Bed sketch Mr.Lambert puts the bucket over his head. While TV version he puts paper bag over his head).This album was recorded in mono, although they claimed in the track "Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson" that they recorded in stereo.Because they didn't know about recording at the time.

It's only their albums that included a laugh track.

The copyright to the record is still owned by the BBC.

Track listingEdit

Side oneEdit

  1. "Flying Sheep"
  2. "A Man With Three Buttocks"
  3. "Trade Description Act/Whizzo Chocolates"
  4. "Nudge, Nudge"
  5. "The Mouse Problem"
  6. "Buying A Bed"
  7. "Interesting People"
  8. "Lumberjack Song"
  9. "Sir Edward Ross"

Side twoEdit

  1. "Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson"
  2. "Children's Stories"
  3. "The Visitors"
  4. "Albatross!"
  5. "The North Mindhead By-Election"
  6. "Me, Doctor"
  7. "Dead Parrot"
  8. "Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit"