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Template:Infobox Film Monty Python's The Meaning of Life is a musical film comedy made in 1984 by the Monty Python comedy team.


The film has chapters.

  • in The Intro of Six Pythons playing Frogs in a Cage, who engage in a brief philosophical conversation. The opening credits then roll, with Eric Idle singing the song "The Meaning of Life" over animation by Gilliam.
  • chapter 1 - The Birth: The Woman named Lizzy is Pregnant, the 6 ER Surgeon (played by Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin or Monty Python/Pythons) pull the baby out and cut the umbilical cord with a meat cleaver, give the baby to the mother. The mother asks "Is it a Boy or a Girl?". One Surgean replies - you see it grows up.
  • chapter 2 - The Young: he is a Little Boy now, gets a certificate of birth, and goes to school,
  • chapter 3 - The Teenager: he is a Teenager now, he make loves with a Girl Friend
  • chapter 4 - The Man: he is a Man, who works at Barber
  • chapter 5 - The Old Man: he is a Old Man now, at the end of chapter, he watch at the Sun Set

(Anorther Story)

  • chapter 6 - the Grim Reaper: the Grim Reaper kidnapping and takes The Family away, were having Dinner

(another story 3)

  • chapter 7 - The Winter Reason: A Really Biggest Fat Man named Mr. Cestoe who lived in Germany, going to the German Restaurant, Waiter brings the Bucket for Vomiting, and he Vomits and eats 1,000,000 of foods and Big Large and Fatty and Explode and later, they are cleaning up.
  • The End: and out of a Screen of Restaurant room and Micheal Palin Turn offs.


it was Distributed on 1984 by Paramount Pictures, It was Produced by The Monty Python's Partnership.

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