This page is all about the Monty Python Wiki.

The Monty Python Wiki is an encyclopedia which aims to document every aspect of Monty Python. Unlike w:Wikipedia, this encyclopedia is not bound by the constrains of seriousness, and may tend to be a bit silly. Unfortunately, some people may not understand this, and so we warn them of the humor with the Humour template, by inserting {{humour}} into the text. This is shown in the article, as shown below:

This page is part of the Humor section. It should not be taken seriously.

Things to doEdit

  • 'Remove irrelevant dead links (which look like the word at right) from articles. Relevant dead links (which link to articles which relate to an aspect of Monty Python directly, but do not yet have an article) should be left, but irrelevant links, like October 19 ant flavour, should be removed, simply by removing the brackets ([[ and ]]) from around the word(s).
  • Remove irrelevant facts from that articles. These facts may be relevant to Wikipedia, but not to the Monty Python Wiki. They also tend to add to the general boring state of the wiki, which nobody likes.
  • Add humor, silliness, et cetera, to the pages. Try to keep it "pythonesque" while you're at it. Wikia is not censored, so no need to worry about that, but please, try to keep it relatively clean and relatively relevant. Also, identify these pages which have been humorized with the {{humor}} tag, as shown above.