Police station is a sketch that appears in the seventh episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, "You're No Fun Anymore."

The sketch continues from the previous sketch, Man Turns Into Scotsman and itself continues into Blancmanges Playing Tennis.


A police spokesperson (Graham Chapman) reads The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire by Googie Withers, then interrupts the science fiction story and says that Podgorny could have saved his wife's life in the previous sketch by going to the police. A knight approaches him, prepared to hit him in the head with a chicken.

Podgorny (Michael Palin) speaks to a detective (Eric Idle) about the blancmange eating his wife. The detective blames the crime on Jack Riley, blancmange impersonator and cannibal. The blancmange shows up and eats the detective, who realises that it is not Riley, but an extra-terrestrial being.

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