Roger the shrubber

Roger the Shrubber is a character in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, portrayed by Eric Idle. He was a man who arranged, designed and sold shrubberies. When King Arthur and Sir Bedevere encountered the dreaded Knights who say Ni, they were "assigned" to find a shrubbery. So they traveled to a village, and told an old woman to give them a shrubbery- when she refused, they said Ni several times. Roger the shrubber was just going by, and was angry that they dared to say Ni to the old woman, who got frightened of it, and declared that there is a curse on the country. Arthur and Bedevere started to talk with Roger, and from the conversation they found out that Roger made shrubberies, and so they bought a shrubbery from Roger and took it to the knights who say Ni.

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