The United States is a large, highly populated, prosperous country situated in the middle of North America between Canada and Mexico. It and it's citizens, referred to as Americans, are referred to in several Monty Python skits.

  • United States Defence, part of a series of comparative cartoons in the Crelm Toothpaste animation in both the series and the movie And Now For Something Completely Different purports through use of the American icon Uncle Sam to demonstrate the superiority of American military power against infiltration by Chinese communists.
  • The music for what appears to be the American National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner is played over a special set of end credits which refer almost exclusively to American astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin. However, it is also the tune to the British song Anacreon In Heaven, which was set to the lyrics by Francis Scott Key when his brother realized they shared the same rhythmic pattern.

Americans are represented in many Monty Python sketches. The Pythons usually use a broad American accent, achieved largely by ennunciating the "R" sound towards the end of words. Strangely, Terry Gilliam, the only Python who is actually American, is rarely represented as an American even when the part calls for one.

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