This article is about the sketch. For the episode, see You're No Fun Anymore (episode).

You're No Fun Anymore is the eponymous sketch that appears in "You're No Fun Anymore," the seventh episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Count Dracula (Graham Chapman) prepares to bite a woman on the neck, but his fangs fall out and the woman complains that he is no fun anymore.

A man on a ship (Eric Idle) is lashed forty times and the lasher (Terry Jones) orders him to be cut down. The man complains that he is no fun anymore.

The camel spotter (Eric Idle) then tells anyone else who pinches his phrase, he'll throw them under a camel, to which the reporter (John Cleese) sarcastically replied if he could spot one, before the knight with the dead chicken (Terry Gilliam) hits him on the head.